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COVID-19 Notice: Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are taking a number of precautions at our studio. These precautions are listed below.

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Music Lessons!

Unlock your passion for music and unleash your full potential by enrolling in our music lessons program! We strive to be the most innovative, ground-breaking music studio in the state. We help propel our students forward by giving them the knowledge and tools to be successful, along with opportunities to perform.

What do we offer?

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Currently, we offer voice, guitar, piano, and string instrument lessons (violin, viola, cello, ect.) to students 5 years old and up (including adults!). We will be implementing more instruments such as brass, woodwinds, and percussion soon!

What will you learn?

Our program is tailored to fit YOUR needs and wants. YOU get to decide what you want to learn! We can also give you advice for what we think will suit you best, and which curriculum path we think would fit you well.

Here are some of the things we teach our students:


- Music theory

- Aural/ear training

- Songwriting

- Music improvisation

- Performing tips

- Stage presence

- Confidence

- Overcoming performance


- How to get gigs

- Music industry etiquette

- How to harmonize and sing

with a group

- And MUCH more!

What will you get?

Why should you choose us to help you develop your musical knowledge and skills? What makes us different from all the other studios? There are lots of reasons! But one of the most important is that we implement all the latest technology, equipment, and resources to give our students the most comprehensive and all-encompassing learning experience possible.


- EVERY lesson is recorded, and the audio is given to each student

- Free professional level studio recording sessions, at any time during lessons

- Real life implementation, finding real gigs and professional opportunities

- Brand building and awareness

- Training on building a social presence

- Advice on breaking into the professional music industry

- Performing with groups and harmonizing with others

- And MUCH more!


Sing! Utah music studio

363 N University Avenue

Provo, UT

ShineSpace studio

47 Fort Union Blvd

Midvale, UT

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a FREE trial lesson!

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COVID-19 Notice: Your child's safety is our top priority at Sing! Utah. We will be implementing the following precautions and guidelines at our studio in order to keep our students and staff safe:

1. Students will be kept 6 feet from each other at all times.

2. Students will be encouraged to sanitize hands before and after their lessons.

3. Surfaces that are touched often will be regularly disinfected.

4. Students will be encouraged to wear a mask whenever possible.

5. Students will be encouraged not to touch each other, shake hands, ect.


We are confident that we can still provide your child with an incredible, educational musical experience while still maintaining safe social-distancing procedures. 

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