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(AGES 4 - 10)

Blake Ballingham - Girl On Fire, by Alicia Keys

Stacey Bustos - Havana, by Camila Cabelo

Miguelangel Barroza - I Think She Likes Me, by Billy Gilman

Abigayle Webster - Imagine, by John Lennon

Scarlett Sophia - Set It All Free, by Scarlett Johansen

Bryan Malanche - Son of Man, from Disney's Tarzan

Hallie Barker - Times Are Hard for Dreamers, by Amelie

McKenzie Soriano - The Prayer, by Steven Foster

Remi Tranter - 



Stacey Bustos.JPG

Stacey is 10 years old 5th grader who attends Summit Academy in Bluffdale, Utah. Cook, and play. Have been singing since she was 3 years old and is taking voice lessons at Chavez Performance Academy. She is the daughter of Rangel and Erika Loya.


Miguelangel Barroza.png

From a very early age Miguelangel likes to sing, he learned the songs from his favorite movies and series. At the age of 7 he started singing classes and it is something he really enjoys doing. It is the second time that he participated in Sing Utah and it has been a nice experience.


Abigayle Webster.jpg

Abby is a young aspiring contemporary vocalist and is currently enrolled at Chavez Music Academy. She is training under the direction of Martha Chavez. Abby loves music of all genres. She has had the opportunity to participate in Access Broadway and received 1st runner up in her division. Abby loves the theatre and has participated in local productions, such as “Seussical”, “Once on this Island”, ‘Willy Wonka" and will be in the upcoming production of "The Addams Family”. When she isn't singing Abby is a spontaneous extrovert who loves horses and playing with friends. Abby dreams of becoming a professional singer and wants to be a famous actress. 


Scarlett Headshot 27 June.jpeg

Scarlett loves to light up the stage and spent the past summer performing at Hale Center Theater in the world premiere of “Hans Christian Andersen in New York.” She also performed at various benefit concerts this summer. When not performing, she spends time reading about past leaders of the United States. Feel free to quiz her! She serves on the student council at her school and has aspirations to become the first woman president. 



Bryan is 9 year old attending Sandy Elementary in the 4th grade. Studies piano, Karate and Voice lessons. Loves science and math. He translates children and adults who don't speak English. Hobbies include, soccer, basketball, loves riding his bike, scate boarding. Would like to be a vetenarian and take care of animals. Wants to be a famous singer. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro and Maribel Malanche of Sandy, Utah.



Hallie, a 10-year-old music enthusiast, who delights in singing, playing piano, and violin. She's equally passionate about acting and shines in her elementary school musicals. As an avid animal lover, Kiwi, Allegro, and Milkshake are her cherished companions. Hallie's zest for adventure comes alive during family camping trips and lively games. Her heart of gold extends to being a loyal and kind friend. With her artistic talents, musical prowess, and boundless compassion, Hallie is a rising star who shares creativity and joy wherever she goes.


mckenzie soriano.JPG

She is an 8 year old third grade student who loves people and animals. She loves math and making rhythms with percussion instruments, she hopes to be on broadway someday. She is 100% bilingual.


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